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EU Citizenship Law and Policy:
Beyond Brexit
Published : 2020
This theoretically ambitious work combines analytical, institutional and critical approaches in order to provide an in-depth, panoramic and contextual account of European Union citizenship law and policy.

Offering a refreshing perspective on the origins, evolution and trajectory of EU citizenship law, Dora Kostakopoulou explores recent developments, controversies and challenges, including Brexit, and fills a lacuna in the existing literature. Through an interdisciplinary approach, this insightful book combines legal studies with normative political theory, political science, sociology and critical migration studies in order to arm readers with the tools required to appreciate and understand the constructive potential and transformative effects of this fascinating and unique institution. Provocative and forward-thinking, it provides glimpses of an alternative future for EU citizenship.

Students and scholars working in European law and policy, citizenship, migration and internal market law will find this book to be an engaging and timely read. Its more practical elements will also appeal to government officials, lobbyists and practitioners involved in law and policy-making, as well as to individuals working on transnational processes and globalisation.
1. European Union Citizenship: Writing the Future
2. European Union Citizenship Rights and Duties: Civil, Political and Social
3. When EU Citizens Become Foreigners
4. The External Face of EU Citizenship: Diplomatic and Consular Protection
5. EU Citizenship and Fundamental Rights
6. Brexit and EU Citizenship
7. Innovations in European Union Citizenship Law: Who Should be a Citizen of the Union
Conclusion The Art of Creative Institutional Thinking: Defending the Experience of Relating and Eurozens’ Rights
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