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Published : 2021
Covid-19 has been a devastating experience, becoming a black hole in a once vibrant world, causing boundless physical and emotional loss. The situation has forced us to re-evaluate our position existentially, socially, politically and environmentally.
Although a toilsome process, what essentially makes us human is our ability to re-assess, re-adapt and transform incomprehensible adverse experiences into new spurts of positivity and growth. In her 5th book Dora Kostakopoulou takes a more creative approach, analysing the impact and effects of the Covid crisis from an individual and holistic perspective. By providing a socio-political assessment on the immediate and future consequences of the pandemic, she identifies opportunities provided for global, progressive change.
The second section of this book provides a more personal account of her experiences during the pandemic manifested in poems and paintings, as creativity became an instrument of not only escapism but also living.
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